Remote control of an ROV using a Force Feedback Joystick and 3D reconstruction chain for underwater environments
David Scaradozzi (ISME – Polytechnical University of Marche, Italy), Edin Omerdic  (University of Limerick, Ireland)
The tutorial will present last advances in terms of Remotely Operated Vehicles navigation, guidance and control and in terms of 3D Reconstruction of Underwater Environments. In particular, we present a Force Feedback Joystick developed in order to guide ROVs displaced in remote locations around the world and we aim at teaching participants to use it. Simultaneously, we describe DiRAMa, a complete cloud architecture developed in order to obtain 3D reconstructions and the relative 3D print with data coming from the underwater environment; we will explain its functioning and we will allow participants to practically use it.
The intended audience are recognized experts, researchers and PhD students working in the field of Underwater Researches, in particular as engineers, archaeologists and biologists. The expected attendee background is a broad knowledge of underwater data gathering techniques and of robotic tools for marine inspections. At the end of the tutorial, the attendees will know some of the latest tools and techniques in the above fields, gaining the experience of remotely piloting an ROV and becoming confident with the use of a 3D reconstruction chain able to give to the user results in semi-real time.